Bogus Lies (and) Ordinary Greatness

I started, what I call, articlulate writing years and years ago. Some of it was free associate writing, automatic writing, or what ever you chose to call it. It was, and still is, a fun outlet for me. Some of it, no one has ever read before. A lot of it .... maybe nobody should...

Thursday, January 10, 2013


O n c e

A breath of passion
an out dated fashion
dress on the floor
my hand on the door
as I turn back to look
I see but do not know
all the things I know but do not see
hidden secretes
secretes revealed
revealing posture
posing sleep
cute as a button
buttons relented
crumpled covers
uncovered portrait
one eye open
at least I know
she watches me go

                            êim Uhr

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